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Gary is one of our first members to join our group with his jeep 'DILLIGAF".

Affectionately known throughout the group as the "King of Krazytown", Gary is a great addition to any trail with his background as a mechanic. He is always ready to help on the trail with any repairs needed. Not to mention always willing to scout any questionable looking puddles that we might come across on our travels. 

Gary building DILLIGAF with his dad, Dave, is one of Gary's proudest moments. Being so close and being able to build DILLI together meant the world to both of them.


Should be interesting to see what the King will bring to us this year! 

Becky Profile Pic.jpeg





Becky has been wheeling for a few years in DILLIGAF as well as her brother, Nick's Jeep, WILLY.


She's finally got herself one and we are looking forward to see what this lady can do!



Jim is one of our veteran wheelers and helped our Founder Sarah, start in the sport with a Jeep Cherokee. 

Like any true Jeeper, Jim has more then one! Always up for adventures, and with lots of jeep adventures in the U.S we always enjoy hearing his stories and enjoy his company on the trail.  



Jonathon and TROOPER, joined our group in the winter of 2020/2021 and started wheeling with us right as the season opened. 

Jonathon has grown so much over the past year in his confidence on the trail and driving, and will always try something new on the trail each time we go out. 

Probably the best teddy bear when it comes to the kids and the children of the club always enjoy seeing their buddy at meets and on the trails. 



Jeremy  and LITTLE RED joined our group with his brother Jonathon and just like his brother fell right into the family.

Always up for spur of the moment trail runs or parades and always with huge enthusiasm! Always does his best to help out anyone in the group with whatever they might need he is a great individual to join our little family!

Cheryl Profile Pic.jpg



Cheryl caught the jeep bug, after accidently agreeing to it one evening and she hasn't looked back since! 

2021 we saw Cheryl out on the trail with her dogs, Dallas and Finn, in their very own Jeep, called TRIX.

We always see TRIX with her top off in true jeep style and always up for enjoying a sunshine filled ride! 



Ken joined our group at the beginning of the season with his new 2021 JL, WILLY'S NIGHTMARE.

Ken only started wheeling this year but is never afraid to try any new obstacle or line, a calm head on the trail.


He spends as much time as he can helping out other members and has fallen in love with the jeep lifestyle.



 We welcomed Greg to our little family in spring 2022 and once again we couldn't be happier with the edition!

Greg's 1978 M38 is an awesome rig, and not only draws the eyes of us in the family but everyone he drives by!

With so much awesome knowledge and his love of all things mechanical he fits in perfectly with all our members!

And of course we can not forget to mention his trusty co-pilot Scout!



Joel is our newest member to this crazy family with his 2011 JKU, EARTHBOUND.

Joel has actively adopted the jeep life style and always has new additions to his jeep. 

Can not wait to see the adventures he will be undertaking this summer!

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