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We started out small, just three friends having adventures on the trails.

Nick suggested we start an Instagram page to share our off road adventures with our friends and fellow enthusiasts.  Sarah took a hold of the challenge, starting a Facebook page and Instagram page. It was a great way to show the modifications that the three of us were doing on our weekends and the adventures we were having.

And with putting ourselves out there, we grew!

 We found some amazing people to wheel with, who were always ready to have new adventures. We found some of the best people, we feel, that help us keep with our ideals of a family environment.  We have our share of new drivers with a healthy mix of experienced wheelers and every time we are all impressed with everyone's growth on every trip. 

We do get a lot of questions about the name of our amazing group,

 and its honestly one of my favorite questions to answer!

Nick, Mitch and Myself all lived on the east side of Lindsay when we were founded WSOTR Jeeps. 

Now the east side isn't known to be the "best" side of town, so much so there was a article written about it in the local newspaper around the time we were founded. We adopted the idea of being on the "wrong side of the tracks"  and with the Scugog river dividing the town in two the name was a shoe in for us all. 

We welcome everyone with open arms and do our best to not only look after the trails in Ontario but we do a lot of fundraising efforts to give back to the communities that look after us each summer in their towns. 



 Nick started off a unsuspecting neighbor before meeting the crazy jeepers across the street and he hasn't gotten away yet!

Nick always has the best interests of the group at heart and always willing to help members with problems they might encounter. 

He hardly misses an adventure with us and still does not forgive Mitch and Sarah for going on Forest.  

WILLY currently sits on 35" treps with a 2.5 lift. 



Mitch joined the wheeling world in 2008 with his love of all things mechanical, and decided on building his 1991 Cherokee into a trail rig. lots of speciality parts went into the old girl and also came a lot of knowledge of the jeep world.

Like all things Jeep, Hero is constantly going through changes to make it more capable

Mitch is currently wheeling Hero with a doubler transfer case, lockers and long arm suspension. 



Sarah has always had a love of all things mechanical and working along side her father growing up and now her husband, Mitch, she has embraced the entirety Jeep world.

Sarah sends her days making sure the group runs smoothly and always wants to offer a helping hand to fellow members.

Any questions she's always ready to answer!

Ashticon sits currently on 40" Toyos with SD60/14B axles, with a long arm suspension

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